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Episode 18 - RSC's Titus Andronicus

The latest installment in the RSC's Rome season. It's also the best so far. See more details and extras on the RSC's website: The RSC had some live and cinema audience members wear heart rate monitors, the results of that study will be published in November (New York Times). I was wearing my Fitbit while watching, so here's a graph of my heart rate from 7-10pm that day, which is roughly when we saw the show. I'm not sure what the spike right before 9pm was, but it was too early for killing of Tamora's sons and too late for Titus's hand being cut off:

My heart rate while watching  Titus Andronicus

My heart rate while watching Titus Andronicus

And here's a link to the infographic of deaths in Titus Andronicus via

This is the last episode in the season of Shakesplaining. I'll return in March, but you should subscribe now so you'll get some bonus content during the winter months.