Explaining Shakespeare one podcast at a time

A podcast about Shakespeare performances in Boston.

Episode 9 - Twelfth Night, part 1

After a hiatus we're back talking about various Twelfth Night performances including the 2014 Commonwealth Shakespeare production, the Globe Theatre's all male production staring Stephen Fry (also 2014), the RSC's 2001 production, the 1996 movie staring Helena Bonham Carter, and a coda featuring the the 2016 Bedlam production at Central Square. Next week, I'll have an in depth look at National Theatre Live's Twelfth Night that showed at the Coolidge Corner Theater in April 6th.

No calender in this episode, but upcoming shows include:

  • ASP's A Midsummer Night's Dream, now playing through June 4th at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center 
  • Youthquake's As You Like It on June 16-18th
  • Commonwealth Shakespeare is doing Romeo and Juliet starting sometime in mid-July
  • Bedlam is performing Hamlet and Saint Joan at ArtsEmerson in March 2018